Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy

Neck pain, stiffness and headaches are frustrating. Not being able to look over your shoulder or concentrate at work can make your tired and grumpy.

Neck Pain can also be really painful especially when it is acute.

  • We can normally get you in the same day or following day for rapid pain relief.
  • We will film (unless it is too sore) the way you move to explain why the stiff sore parts are stiff and sore.
  • We will use our hands on techniques to relax the muscles and loosen the joints to relieve your pain
  • We will teach you how to strengthen your neck and improve your posture for long standing relief
  • Bring in your health care card so you get an instant rebate on your consultation
  • You can see us before or after work from 7am until 8pm Monday to Friday or Saturday mornings if weekdays are a struggle.