Sports Physio

Being unable to play sport is frustrating. You miss hanging with your team mates, being active and the stress relief it provides. Balance in Motion sports physio can help you!

We get it! All our staff actively compete in sports and have undergone extensive training in sports physio so we know how important it is for you to get back ASAP.

  • This means getting the correct diagnosis and plan to get you back on the sporting field
  • Advice and exercises to help recovery and avoid further injury
  • Pain relief FAST

Don’t worry our staff have looked after Olympians, Wallabies, Professional Triathletes and we will most certainly look after you and get you back on that field as soon as humanly possible.


“I was suffering calf cramps for six months and was treated by two other physios who couldn’t fix the problem, one of them very well known. I had almost given up hope of running again. After my fifth visit with Nick I was back to running.

I cannot express my joy and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Balance in Motion team to anyone else.”

Paul Z – I cannot express my joy,