Why US

At Balance in Motion, our Bondi Physio service works on the principle that pain free is a given. That’s why you come to see us. We do, however, get far more excited by you also performing better than you ever have as a result of our sessions, and by you understanding more about how your body works.

All of our appointments are  45 minutes long, and during this time you are the only person that is treated. You’ll never be left alone with machines or heat packs, you can do that stuff at home.

We offer pure hands on physiotherapy, video analysis, and retraining better performance strategies – so that you can move better and one of the only clinics in Australia using the Integrated Systems Model of Physiotherapy.

This is the same model used by Manchester City, the leading injury management football club in the UK Premiership. They are also the club with the least amount of injuries and least amount of days off injured for the past 4 seasons.

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About us

Being active ourselves, we understand how crucial it is to return to exercise and every day life as soon as possible. That’s why all of our appointments are one on one and at least 45 minutes, to ensure you get the best possible diagnosis, treatment and rehab program.

We’ll find the core issue of your pain or reduced performance and work with you to ease the pain, correct muscle imbalances and increase flexibility. We’ll also set up a plan that combines various hands-on techniques, exercises and video analysis of your technique so you can live injury free and be active again.